2014 OST Multi Hazard Mitigation Plan

Mission Statement

1. Promote trade and commerce on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

2. Promote a mixed economy for the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

3. Create economic opportunities for the Lakota Oyate residing on the reservation.

4. Develop economic infrastructure on the reservation.

5. Develop an Indian-owned bank on the reservation.

6. Utilize reservation generated income to obtain regional financial leverage through the area surrounding the reservation.

7. Create career opportunities for all Tribal members, regardless of residence.

8. Promote education and training for Tribal members in the business sector.

9. Implement the Oglala Sioux Tribal Mission Statement, adopted by Resolution No. 01-05, to the fullest extent.


Program Overview

The Oglala Sioux Tribal Office of Business and Economic Development originated in 1948 through resolution 48-13 which authorizes the Executive Committee of the Oglala Sioux Tribal Council to find ways and means to finance the employment of a Business Manager. In later years the OST Council took action which amended the prior resolution to include the definition of roles and responsibilities for the Oglala Sioux Tribe Economic & Business Development Committee. (See Resolution 01-51 approved on May 4, 2001) This committee (representation of OST council elected officials) has oversight over 18 Tribal Programs, Tribally Charter Organizations and Tribal Enterprises. Our office, the Economic and Business Development is one such program and we fall under this Tribal Program category. OSTOED operates on 1% of TERO fees, & OST Utilities operates on WAPA allocations. Back in the mid to late 1900’s OSTOED main purpose was to support the tribe’s Executive Board & Council by providing all aspects of Business Development on the Pine Ridge reservation.. This service has since then evolved, as we now provide technical assistance reservation wide & free of charge. This brief introduction is to welcome all individuals, business, programs, enterprises, and agencies to stop by for a visit or bring us your idea which may assist us in our pursuit of Economic growth.


David T. Mills, Director

Box 669

US 18 East Bingo Hall Road

Pine Ridge, South Dakota 57770

Phone: 605-867-5771/5600

Fax: 605-867-1471


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