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Anpetu Waste Mitakuyepi!

Lila Wopila Tanka for visiting the OSTOED website.  Any questions regarding office projects, or if you just need help navigating through tribal processes to get your business started whether it be Health, Education, Infrastructure, Housing, or Labor force oriented-Please do not hesitate to contact any one of our staff.  We offer free technical service to help you & we have an open door policy-so no appointment is necessary.


David T. Mills, OSTOED Director Mobile (201)208-5296 or EMAIL: tmillsd@yahoo.com

Lyle Jack Sr. OSTOED Dev. Mngr. Mobile 454-2300 or EMAIL: lylejack_01@yahoo.com

Arlene Catches the Enemy, OSTOED Dev. Mngr. Mobile: 454-3838 or EMAIL: akechezenmy@gmail.com

Waysha White Face, OSTOED Dev. Mngr. Mobile: 454-5466 or EMAIL: whitefacew@gmail.com

Heather Brings Plenty, OSTOED Temp Admin.Asst. Mobile:407-7231 EMAIL: hbringsplenty@gmail.com

Jake Little, EBD Coordinator Mobile: 454-4990 EMAIL: jasonjake.little@gmail.com

Louis Janis, Acting Utilities Director Mobile:454-1797  EMAIL: loujan_55@yahoo.com

Renee Two Bulls, Utilities Admin. Asst. Mobile: 454-2162 EMAIL: renee_twobulls@yahoo.com

Juliette Broken Rope, Utilities Asst. Mobile: 454-2600