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Arlene Catches the Enemy

Arlene Catches the Enemy, Development Manager & Website Administrator



Heather Brings Plenty, Temporary Administrative Assistant




David T. Mills Sr., Director

David Mills supervises the OSTOED with the focus of developing the economy within the communities and districts. He assigns projects, works with the Oglala Sioux Tribe economic development committee, develops and initiates new plans for community involvement and development, oversees the program budget, and provides training to staff and program employees. Prior to joining the Oglala Sioux Tribe Office of Economic Development, David Mills coordinated a youth program for six years, organized a drug elimination program for four years, and served as a criminal investigator for thirteen years. He received his MBA from Colorado Technical University and his Bachelors of Science at Oglala Lakota College.

 Arlene Catches the Enemy, Development Manager.  A.A-General Studies; B.S-Business Management; (1) qtr.short of second B.S-Business Administration; Active within Office, Community, & District by serving on REDA Commission; Calico Community Officer; Wakpamni Executive Board Member, & Oglala Sioux Tribe Utility Commission.
Arlene develops anywhere from 5-15 Economic Development initiatives per year for the Oglala Sioux Tribe. & writes  anywhere between 5-10 grants per year.  During the 5 years OSTOED managed Emergency Management, our focus directed all funds to ensure the safety of all (9) districts-such as installing early warning sirens in each of our districts. Recently, OSTOED was awarded a short term grant for the development of a 5 year Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS)-This initiative will document what our people want to see developed within their communities; analyze community resources & infrastructure deficiencies; Create funding resources; Establish a long term Economic Development blue print with specific benchmarks-to perpetuate progress, and provide a template for each newly elected administration to keep working towards. In closing, Arlene states “These third world living conditions on our reservation didn’t happen overnight, & conditions are not going to improve overnight—Its going to take all of us working towards the same goals to create an environment that contains the entertainment/products/services that we currently travel off the reservation to purchase and enjoy”.

 Lyle Jack, Development Manager

Lyle Jack manages various projects for the OSTOED in conjunction with the OST Renewable Energy Development Authority and has been a guest for the past two years at the Clinton Global Initiative. Among his many projects include a plan for a world-class, multi-tribal-owned power company and tribal-owned wind turbines that will provide power to the Pine Ridge Reservation.He has also served on the OST Council, the Pine Ridge Development Corporation, the Pine Ridge District Executive Board, the Pine ridge School Board, the Tribal Energy Policy Advisory Committee, and the Board of Trustees at Oglala Lakota College. He currently serves on the Native American Telecom Board of Directors. He completed two years at Chadron State College studying Liberal Arts and completed two years at Oglala Lakota College studying Computer Science.

 Waysha M. White Face, Development Manager

Waysha White Face manages grants and proposals, maintains accounts and business plans, creates business opportunities, and develops budgets and business projects, including hospitality and retail opportunities. Before her time in the OSTOED, she was a business manager at Pine Ridge School, created a data base system for the OST Johnson O’Malley Program, worked as a family helper at Oglala Lakota College, and was a summer youth coordinator and clerk for under the Workforce Investment Act. She graduated from Oglala Lakota College with a B.B.A. in Business Administration and is currently working on her MBA at Chadron State University.

 Heather Brings Plenty, Temporary Administrative Assistant

Heather Brings Plenty oversees the order of the OSTOED by conducting bookkeeping, handling communications, maintaining inventory, answering phones, and coordinating everyday office logistics. She is currently working towards her B.B.A. in Business Administration from Oglala Lakota College. Prior to her employment with OSTOED Heather held employment with the Oglala Sioux Tribe in the Fiscal Accounting Office specializing in Accounts Payable and Payroll. As well as, Office Manager for the OST Transit Program maintaining the bookkeeping and other duties needed to maintain day to day operations.

 Jackie Fielder, 2014 Summer Intern

Jackie Fielder assisted Arlene Catches the Enemy with the development of the CEDS survey, & has agreed to assist OSTOED with the formation of this website. Jackie was able to intern with OSTOED due to a scholarship through the Stanford in Government Stipends Program. Although Jackie stayed for only a month, OSTOED wishes her continued fortitude with her studies of public policy and sociology at Stanford University-where she is expected to graduate with her Bachelor of Arts in 2016.


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